The ORIENTAL PUBLIC SCHOOL library is one of the hallmarks of the school. The Library provides a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as the encyclopedia related, to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading and thinking habit amongst students. Renowned works of fiction, classics, self help books, Science & Technology, periodicals, journals related to history, culture, and exploration along with selected local and national dailies are housed here. All articles in the library are carefully scanned and selected to ensure the appropriate development of the students.

All classes ranging from class VI onwards are provided with at least one library period per week. Students borrow books on their own library cards for a specific period. Leading dailies, magazines, handbooks, journals, etc. also form the integral part of the library.. It has a rich and well stocked library with books on every subject to be used as reference. The library facility is exclusively for students of the school.

Its rich collection of books magazines, fictions, biographies journals etc. suits the taste of its readers updating and keeping them in close contact with different vistas of life.

Library Regulations:

  • Inside the library there should always be pin drop silence.
  • No one is allowed to bring in personal books or belongings to the library.
  • All books should be handled with care.
  • No one should take any book from the library shelves by himself. The library procedure is to be followed for taking out books.
  • Books must be returned by the students within 15 days from the date of issue, Student may have to pay a fine if they fail to return book in time.