About School

Our Approach

Let us think about it – what differentiates one school from another? What is so special about our school? It is the approach to education. World over there are million of schools, each trying to compete to be better than the other. We do not wish to be one of them. Our motto is simple: "Creating Global Citizens". This motto guides us in helping students develop cosmopolitan attitude without forgetting our rich Culture. As our network has grown, and leaders across the country have committed to building high-quality schools, we have reflected on what it takes to build a system of high-performing schools.

A belief in all students Our work at OPS is built on the most basic of beliefs: that all students will learn and achieve. Grounded in this belief, teachers, leaders, and staff at OPS are united around a shared end goal: to prepare OPS students to succeed in college and lead choice filled lives. In order to truly prepare students for college, we must create classrooms and schools that not only deliver rigorous academics but also help students develop their character.